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1. What is included in LG PortoTours?  In our website, you may consult a detailed description of each of our tours and what is included in each visit. Obviously we may customize each tour according to your necessity and needs.  ​

2. Will the guide /driver be with us during all the visits to the inside of the monuments, museums, etc?  Our guide also have the task of being the driver. The driver will be sharing all the relevant knowledge and information during the time he's driving. However, many times, it isn't possible for the guide to be with you on your visit inside the monuments / museums for two reasons:

  • Parking the vehicle close to the places you visit is sometimes not easy and time consuming. That is why we choose to drop you off as close to the monument as possible. The driver will help you regarding the purchase of entrance fees so that you won't have to wait in the queue. This way, we believe you will be able to save some of your precious time of your travel without concerning with parking logistics.

  • Although Portugal is a safe country, when we carry our Clients luggage in the vehicle, we avoid leaving the vehicle parked with Client's belongings inside without the presence of the driver / guide.

3. Can we visit with local guides? In some monuments our Clients can enjoy, the services of specialized local guides that will explain in greater details monuments with great historic and cultural richness.


4. Does your private tour includes meal?  Only when it is mentioned in the program. However, we may customize your tour with meals included in traditional and typical restaurants of excellent quality.

5. Does the price of the tour includes insurance?  Yes. We are fully insured:

         •  Liability insurance;
         •  Personal Accident Insurance;
         •  Travel Insurance.


6. What is the advantage of choosing a private tour with LG Porto Tours?  Our tours are designed to provide you with memorable experiences and focused on our Clients. Adaptable to the Client's needs contributing to our customer total satisfaction.


7. What is the minimum age to go on a LG Porto Tour? There is no minimum age limit. When traveling with people under 13 years old, we request you to let us know in order for us to provide with safety equipment according to the local law requirements.


8. How can I contact LG Porto Tours? By email: or by phone +351 919 856 744 (WhatsApp or WeChat)


9. When shall I make my booking? We do not have a deadline. However,  the sooner the better. Ideally, booking should be made with 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.


10. How do I book a Tour?


11. How do I pay?

The payment of the deposit (20%) can be made via bank transfer. The final payment can be made:

  • through bank transfer;

  •  in cash;

  • through credit card.

12. How do I cancel a service?

LG Porto Tours will not charge cancellation fees if they are made one week before the scheduled service. If the cancellation is made within one week and 48 hours prior to the service 20% of the total service price will be charged. If the service is cancelled within 48 hours prior to the service we will charge 80% of the total service price.

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